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Easy MEMOry Pro is a shareware program. This means that you may try the program online on the official website for free. If you decide that you want using it offline, you must register it (by purchasing the full version) and obtain an End User License. If you want to start using Easy MEMOry Pro online on your own website, you could contact us for more information and fees. The author keeps the ownership of the game and he is the only person who can modify it.

Easy MEMOry is a freeware. This means you can play and copy it for free. Howewer, only the author keeps the ownership of the game, and he is the only person who can modify it. If you want to use the game for commercial purposes, you need to buy Easy MEMOry Pro.

Order process

It only takes a few minutes to go through the order process. It's really easy!

  1. Click on the PayPal button to start the transaction.
  2. Follow payment instruction on the secure PayPal website.
  3. Validate your payment.
  4. In minutes, we will check and validate your payment.
  5. We will send you an email with your Serial Number and the download instructions.
  6. Follow email instructions and download Easy MEMOry Pro.

All the procedure only take few minutes!

Vanish mode

Vanish mode allows the card pairs or card groups to disappear when you find them. It's easier than seeing the backs of cards, since you have eliminated the cards that have already been matched.

Teacher mode (Easy MEMOry Pro)

When you play against the computer, you can choose the Professor option. The Professor adapts to your level of skill in order to improve your memory and push you to your limits!. Don't hope to beat the Professor at his game - he adapts to your skill level without letting itself be beaten too often...

Associate rich text (Easy MEMOry Pro)

You can create addons, or download addons from our website, with a rich text associated with each card. When a player clicks on a card, the card is displayed along with the rich text attached to it. A Rich text means a text with different colors, styles, and alignments...

End screen (Easy MEMOry Pro)

You can create a new addon or use a downloaded addon with a final final picture and a blink message. When the player completes the game, the picture and the message will appear.

Games Builder

Games Builder allows you to create your own addon quickly and easily. Just fill in the fields and load the pictures, and Games Builder will create Easy MEMOry addons for you! In few minutes, if you have your pictures ready, you can create a new addon. This tool is free with Easy MEMOry Pro and is delivered as-is.

Groups of different cards (up to 5 cards)

You can pair different cards, like a picture and its name, like a word with its pronunciation, or any different pairings you can think of. Since you can play with groups of up to 5 cards, you can create more complex addons such as a photo of an animal with the sound it makes, as well as its name.

Groups of identical cards (up to 5 cards)

Like any concentration games, you have to find pairs of identical cards. You can also opt to match groups of 3 to 5 identical cards.

Text, Graphic & Sound cards

A card can be a picture card (optional) with a rich text written above (optional) and a sound played when the card is displayed (optional).


You can play many kinds of game with each addon with the Scenarios feature.

Preview mode

Playing in preview mode is easier, and it also helps you succeed. In this mode, all the cards are displayed before the beginning of the game for a few seconds. Then, the cards are hidden and the game begins.

Multiplayer mode (up to a maximum of 4)

You can play friends, the computer, or even your youngest kids. For each player added, you have to choose if it is a human player or if it is a computer player.

Play against time

The longer the time it takes for you to complete a game, the lower your score will be.

Play against computer

You can play alone or with other players or against a computer player. 4 levels are available:

Customize buttons

You can create addons, or download from our website. Enhanced graphics buttons will integrate well with thea dd-on.

Create your game addons

You can create your own addons. Do you have ideas for new addons? If the answer is yes, look at the advanced manual and create all the game sets you want. You can send them to us and we will put them onto the website so that the rest of the world can play with your addons!

Cards coordinate

You could display card numbers on the back of the card as a number or as grid coordinate (A1, A2...). This is very useful if you played with lot of people on a large screen. (eg classroom, wedding party...)

Setup files

You can have many custom settings. This settings allow you to choose your preferred size, difficulty level, available sounds, etc. You can also hide some option menus. (see Advanced Manual for details)

Operating System

This game is made with a Java applet. You can play online or download it and play offline. All you need is an internet browser that is java compliant. Exampe of browsers with these features are Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.