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Do you forget where you leave your keys? Do you have trouble remembering names and faces? You may have tried several memory exercises in the past, but most of these were either dull or ineffective.

Here is a free game that makes memory improvement fun. Easy MEMOry is a powerful memory game that dramatically improves your pictorial memory. You can play it by yourself, or compete against the computer or your friends. Children can also benefit from this educational game, sharpening their memory in the process This game is fully customizable (via the GamesBuilder tool), allowing you to work with images and gameplays that are more interesting to you.

Take time to browse our website to learn more about the features and benefits of the popular Easy MEMOry memory game. Here is what you get with each Easy MEMOry Pro download:

  • Greatly improve your memory with the Teacher mode.
  • Instead of matching 2 identical cards, you can try to match 2 different cards with the same theme. You can match animal pictures with their appropriate sounds. You can match an object with its name.
  • Instead of matching 2 different cards, you can also try to match up to 5 different cards with the same theme. You can match cards of animal sounds, animal pictures, and animal names. You even can match 4 objects in 4 different colors.
  • The GamesBuilder tool allows you to create your own concentration game addons.
  • The payment is safe and secure, and so are our servers for direct download of the software.
  • Free technical support for all users!

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Major features v7.12 v7.12 PRO  
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License (read full text) Freeware Shareware (c)
Online use allowed Unchecked Checked (c)
Commercial use allowed Unchecked Checked (c)
Vanish mode Unchecked Checked ?
Teacher mode Unchecked Checked ?
Games Builder Unchecked Checked ?
Associate rich text Unchecked Checked ?
End screen Unchecked Checked ?
Groups of different cards (up to 5 cards) Unchecked Checked ?
Groups of identical cards (up to 5 cards) Checked Checked ?
Cards coordinate Checked Checked ?
Text cards Checked Checked ?
Graphics cards Checked Checked ?
Sound cards Checked Checked ?
Scenarios Checked Checked ?
Preview mode Checked Checked ?
Multiplayer mode (until 4) Checked Checked ?
Play against the computer Checked Checked ?
Play against time Checked Checked ?
Create your own game addons Checked Checked ?
Customize buttons Checked Checked ?
Setup files Checked Checked ?
Save highscores Checked Checked
Save user's preferences Checked Checked
Cards animation Checked Checked
Operating Systems
win9x, 2000, Me, NT, XP


Games languages US FR FR US FR FR  
Manual languages US FR US FR  

Download the game and look at install manual if you need help to install it. You can also reach us via our contact page for more details. Please refer to your player manual to learn about all the game features.

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Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

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