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Do you enjoy Easy MEMOry? Don't hesitate! Download our free games sets and play offline new games with a lot of beautiful pictures. You will find here our miscellaneous games addons. Before you download these games, you can play your favorite miscellaneous games online without any downloads.

Preview Name Awards Creator Download
Preview Pirates game addon Pirates Pirates game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Fred 414 kb
Preview Cooking game addon Cooking Cooking game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Easy MEMOry 364 kb
Preview Valentine's Day game addon Valentine's Day Valentine's Day game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Easy MEMOry 582 kb
Preview Famous Wars game addon Famous Wars Famous Wars game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Twain 42 kb
Preview Spiderman game addon Spiderman Spiderman game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Manni 274 kb
Preview Marvel - Women game addon Marvel - Women Marvel - Women game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Laurent David 654 kb
Preview Marvel - Super Villain game addon Marvel - Super Villain Marvel - Super Villain game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Laurent David 681 kb
Preview Marvel - Super Heroes game addon Marvel - Super Heroes Marvel - Super Heroes game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Laurent David 444 kb
Preview X-Men game addon X-Men X-Men game: Rating 1/5 MEMOry Bruno Berenguer 350 kb
Preview Flags game addon Flags Flags game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Easy MEMOry 171 kb
Preview Superman Returns game addon Superman Returns Superman Returns game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Easy MEMOry 181 kb
Preview Smileys game addon Smileys Smileys game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Vince H. 23 kb
Preview Pictures game addon Pictures Pictures game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry anonymous 170 kb
Preview Bruges game addon Bruges Bruges game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Marc Willems 437 kb
Preview Cars game addon Cars Cars game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Johan Van Harneveldt 249 kb
Preview Automobiles acronym game addon Automobiles acronym Automobiles acronym game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Jean-Louis Aichholzer 92 kb
Preview AirCraft game addon AirCraft AirCraft game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry D.Wheelwright 235 kb
Preview Icons game addon Icons Icons game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Bruno Berenguer 44 kb
Preview Military planes game addon Military planes Military planes game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Bruno Berenguer 414 kb

How to add a new game addon: Download the compressed addon file (ex: Tops.zip). Un-compress it into a new sub-folder of the folder EasyMemory/Planches. When you restart the game Easy MEMOry a new item will appear in the Option / addons dialog box with the name of this new game addon. (Look at the installation manual for more information.)

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

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