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Easy MEMOry: History   [Last update on November, 2013 ]

7.12 November 2013

  • Fixed Java 7.45 compliant.

7.11 July 2013

  • Fixed Java 7.25 compliant.

7.10 January 2011

  • Added display card coordinate on the back of each card (optional)
  • Enhanced button parameters (add font style, size, up and down color)
  • Enhanced toolbar parameters (add icon border color)
  • Enhanced complete design.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

7.01 March 2009

  • Fixed minor bugs.

7.00 January 2009

  • Add: 9 animations to replace blink mode.
  • Add: Game parameter to hide cards automatically.
  • Add: Record game time in gamescore file.
  • New plugin: Slideshow of cards played at the end of the game (PRO release).
  • New plugin: Display links between text cards in mode 'Different' (PRO release).
  • Added Norvegian language.
  • Add: error messages to help people creating addons.
  • Add: addon parameter to allow a left margin.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

6.20 April 2008

  • Automatic save of user's preferences
  • Highest scores saved on computer
  • Enhance graphics
  • Fixed minor bugs.

6.10 September 2007

  • Add toolbar
  • Add Size parameter in scenario
  • Add GoMode parameter (ini file)
  • Add Run value in Auto parameter (applet)
  • Design: Add 3D and transparency into score area
  • Design: Add transparency in bottom message area
  • Fixed minor bugs.

6.02 January 2007

  • Fixed minor bugs.

6.01 August 2006

  • Added Dutch language.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

6.00 February 2006

  • Added player clock with minus score
  • Added new applet parameter: GameSet
  • Added html text cards feature
  • Added custom button on gameset
  • Added html text help for cards (shareware release)
  • Added final picture with blink text (shareware release)
  • Design: added wood button
  • Fixed minor bugs.

5.20 December 2004

  • Added minor feature: Teacher mode (only in shareware release)
  • Design : update Players dialog box
  • Design : new Options dialog box
  • Fixed minor bugs.

5.10 February 2004

  • Added minor feature: Vanish mode, pairs vanished when discovered (only in shareware release)
  • Added Play/Stop buttons (thanks to my young daughters)
  • Added check compatibility between game add-on structure and EasyMEMOry release
  • Added new commands in EasyMEMOry.ini file
  • Fixed online bug when recorded high-scores
  • Fixed minor bugs.

5.00 May 2003

  • Added major feature: Match different cards (only in shareware release)
  • Added major feature: Scenarios
  • Added major feature: Sound cards
  • Added new tags in EasyMEMOry.ini: SetFilter, GameMode
  • Added new applet param: iniFile
  • New structure for add-ons files (old format is always recognized)
  • Added comment text on each card (visible during game)
  • Updated "About this set..." dialog box
  • Updated score formula
  • Online game is now more faster
  • Fixed minor bugs.

4.46 July 2002

  • Added dialog box for selecting play list (with uses of .ini file).
  • Added background picture in players dialog box.
  • BackgroundColor line in Planche.pla file is now required.
  • Online score: server connects and result display are now internal.
  • Fatal error on startup is now trapped.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

4.45 February 2002

  • Added highscore boards for online players.
  • Reduced loading time from 2 minutes to 15s.
  • Added popup window for wide message on message area.
  • Rewrote display engine (faster).
  • Added "Button play" each time you change of set.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

4.41a September 2001

  • Technical release

4.41 August 2001

  • Technical release for the new official site

4.40 July 2001

  • old user manual split into user and advanced manual
  • Language menu added
  • Refresh option to update the list of game add-ons added.
  • Background picture (in game and about dialog box) added
  • Blink mode for the last cards played added
  • EasyMEMOry.ini setup file added
  • Minor features added.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

4.31 April 2001

  • Added an Installer/Uninstaller for PC users.
  • Added Dutch language (by Marc Willems)
  • Fixed fatal error for Mac, iMac and Linux

4.30 February 2001

  • Possibility to play against the computer at different levels.
  • Preview mode is available.
  • Rewriting of the translator module for an easy-way to add new languages.
  • Rewriting the GO page because a lot of new users had problem with the javascript option.

4.20 October 2000

  • You can play with sounds !
  • Sets can have a French and an English title.
  • Cards can have a French and an English description.
  • A unique html startup to play offline : GO.htm.
  • In Help menu a dialog box give you browser and java information.
  • In Help menu, dialog box About and About this set... had been completed.
  • Online game is now faster.
  • Player box: reduce the height
  • Player box: Cursor to modify player name
  • Player box: player name is center on the box
  • A hand cursor on the cards at the end of the game indicate description card is available.
  • Fixed: lost clicks on cards.
  • Fixed: in About this set..., pictures quantity was freeze to 200
  • Fixed: resize on About this set...

4.10 August 2000

  • Added an index for the user manual;
  • Wrote chapter 3.1 (Change player name);
  • You can change player's name (double click);
  • You can reach user manual from help menu;
  • You can reach history version from help menu;
  • Fixed : The dialog About.. didn't displayed correctly.

4.03 June 2000

  • Corrected some mistakes on US manuals ;
  • Added the name of the set in the window title ;
  • Fixed : It was impossible to get the maximum number of cards on screen ;
  • Fixed : Netscape didn't displayed Set information in Help / About Set ;
  • Fixed : Result display if more than 100 tries.

4.02a May 2000

  • Corrected some mistakes on US manuals ;
  • Modified the chapter "create set" of the user manual ;
  • No change for the applet itself.

4.02 April 2000

  • Added US version of the website ;
  • Added US manuals ;
  • Updated French manuals ;
  • Fixed : In multi player mode, player 2 was always chosen ;
  • Fixed : In multi player mode, with Internet Explorer 5 the color of the current player didn't change.
  • Fixed : There had a problem with the end of the Easy MEMOry window. There had a full CPU use until all browser has been closed.

4.01 February 2000

  • Fixing some mistake and improving the website.

4.00 February 2000

  • Complete rewriting in Java. All function of 3.01 aren't in work.
  • Add the web site.

3.01 June 1999

  • Add the game icon.
  • Making of the bug on long preview.

3.00 May 1999

  • Rewriting in Visual Basic 5
  • Add the ability to use picture dynamically (gif and jpeg) in spite of only icon.

2.0 June 1995

  • It's now possible to add dynamically new sets of icons.

1.0 March 1995

  • First version with Visual Basic 3.
  • Only 4 sets of icons are possible.

(c) Bruno Berenguer

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