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Do you enjoy Easy MEMOry? Don't hesitate! Download our free games sets and play offline new games with a lot of beautiful pictures. You will find here our kids games addons. Before you download these games, you can play your favorite kids games online without any downloads.

Preview Name Awards Creator Download
Preview Mario game addon Mario Mario game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry anonymous 387 kb
Preview The Simpsons game addon The Simpsons The Simpsons game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Roy & Douglas 210 kb
Preview Cartoons game addon Cartoons Cartoons game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Dave Wheelwright 144 kb
Preview Digimon game addon Digimon Digimon game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Qaira 103 kb
Preview Digimon I game addon Digimon I Digimon I game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Claire H. 200 kb
Preview Diddle game addon Diddle Diddle game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Liz Stuart 337 kb
Preview Diddle Alphabet game addon Diddle Alphabet Diddle Alphabet game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Liz Stuart 256 kb
Preview Pokemon World game addon Pokemon World Pokemon World game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Jeff Hugues 285 kb
Preview Pokemon game addon Pokemon Pokemon game: Rating 2/5 MEMOry Christiane Mayeur 196 kb
Preview Pokemon New game addon Pokemon New Pokemon New game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Christiane Mayeur 112 kb
Preview Sokemon game addon Sokemon Sokemon game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry anonymous 337 kb
Preview Capcom vs Snk game addon Capcom vs Snk Capcom vs Snk game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Raphael 134 kb
Preview Tasuki game addon Tasuki Tasuki game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry PrincessLime 88 kb

How to add a new game addon: Download the compressed addon file (ex: Un-compress it into a new sub-folder of the folder EasyMemory/Planches. When you restart the game Easy MEMOry a new item will appear in the Option / addons dialog box with the name of this new game addon. (Look at the installation manual for more information.)

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

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