Nature games addons

Do you enjoy Easy MEMOry? Don't hesitate! Download our free games sets and play offline new games with a lot of beautiful pictures. You will find here our nature games addons. Before you download these games, you can play your favorite nature games online without any downloads.

Preview Name Awards Creator Download
Preview Cute babies game addon Cute babies Cute babies game: Gold Easy MEMOry award Andrea C. 328 kb
Preview Beautiful & Powerful game addon Beautiful & Powerful Beautiful & Powerful game: Gold Easy MEMOry award Tony 344 kb
Preview Critters game addon Critters Critters game: Gold Easy MEMOry award Kandy 579 kb
Preview Dubai game addon Dubai Dubai game: Silver Easy MEMOry award Roberto Vilandi 186 kb
Preview Landscapes game addon Landscapes Landscapes game: Silver Easy MEMOry award Bruno Berenguer 374 kb
Preview Happy New Year 2013 game addon Happy New Year 2013 Happy New Year 2013 game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Easy MEMOry 613 kb
Preview Halloween game addon Halloween Halloween game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Edouard 320 kb
Preview Horses game addon Horses Horses game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Marie 330 kb
Preview Bears game addon Bears Bears game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Vicky 520 kb
Preview Pyrenees_A game addon Pyrenees_A Pyrenees_A game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Croquefer Lionel 584 kb
Preview Ocean game addon Ocean Ocean game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Bruno Berenguer 352 kb
Preview Australia game addon Australia Australia game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Ralph 176 kb
Preview PlayBaby game addon PlayBaby PlayBaby game: Rating 1/5 MEMOry Suzy 132 kb
Preview Flowers game addon Flowers Flowers game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Sabine 488 kb
Preview Primates game addon Primates Primates game: Rating 4/5 MEMOry Dave Wheelwright 302 kb
Preview Wildlife (portraits) game addon Wildlife (portraits) Wildlife (portraits) game: Rating 2/5 MEMOry Wendy Wheelwright 250 kb
Preview Dogs game addon Dogs Dogs game: Rating 1/5 MEMOry D.Wheelwright 158 kb
Preview Animals game addon Animals Animals game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Qaira 160 kb
Preview Cats game addon Cats Cats game: Rating 3/5 MEMOry Bruno Berenguer 544 kb
Preview Felines game addon Felines Felines game: Rating 5/5 MEMOry Bruno Berenguer 204 kb

How to add a new game addon: Download the compressed addon file (ex: Un-compress it into a new sub-folder of the folder EasyMemory/Planches. When you restart the game Easy MEMOry a new item will appear in the Option / addons dialog box with the name of this new game addon. (Look at the installation manual for more information.)

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

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