How to create easily an addon

Here you will find a procedure that will help you create a game addon in 10 steps. To use more complex functions in your game addons, see advanced handbook.

  1. Think of a topic for your game addon.

    Examples: your children, pets, movies, etc.

  2. Gather several photos relevant to the topic you chose.

    You can draw the pictures yourself, take digital photos, scan photos, or look around the internet.

  3. Determine the size of your cards.

    You can choose whether your cards are vertical, horizontal, square, or round. Next, choose the dimensions of your cards. Make sure that your cards are of the right size - cards that are too small will be hard to see, and cards that are too large will prevent you to play with lot of cards.

  4. Select the images that you like best.

    Make sure that they fit the final size of your cards.

  5. Cut the images down to the card size using your image editing software.

    (PhotoShop, PaintShop Pro, Irfan View, etc.)

  6. Create the image for the back of the cards.

    This is a very important step, since Easy MEMOry needs it to draw the back of your cards. The file must be in gif format, and it should have the filename of z_dos.gif.

    Note: it's possible to create the backs of cards in jpg format. see advanced manual for more information.

  7. Copy all the images you made in the same folder.
  8. Name this folder with the name of your addon.
  9. Copy this folder in the Easy MEMOry Planches folder
  10. Now you're ready to play with your new game addon!

    If you think you've got a unique design, you can send it to us so that we can publish it on the Easy MEMOry site for others to play with.

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

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