Easy MEMOry Tour: step 1

Welcome to the Easy MEMOry Tour. Here you will learn about the features of this powerful concentration game.

To start off, you will play an easy concentration game. Click on the Easy MEMOry Pro button below to play.

You have to find 3 pairs of identical cards. Click on each cards and try to find pairs (Consult your user manual for more information.)

  • You can use pretty background pictures for the game. Create your own concentration game addons with your own background pictures.
  • Circle-shaped cards and card pictures with varying transparencies (jpeg or gif), allow you to create all kinds of cards.
  • Vanish mode enabled: when you complete a pair of cards, the pair disappears.

Features of step 1:

  • Available game addon: Cats (portrait)
  • Default settings: 3 pairs of cards, vanish mode enabled
  • Disabled features: computer players, preview mode, blink mode, all sounds
  • Toolbar disabled
  • All option menus disabled

Loading time: The game applet is around 200 Kb (50s with 56K modem). Each time you click on an Easy MEMOry button, data will be loaded (about 15s with 56K modem).

Troubleshouting: If you see a red cross above Buy Easy MEMOry Pro instead of an Easy MEMOry Pro button, make sure that your internet browser is Java enabled.

Buy Easy MEMOry Pro!


(Quit all Easy MEMOry Pro windows before jumping to the next step)

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

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