Easy MEMOry Tour: step 8

Since it is difficult to play many concentration games with the same addon, you can select several addons with the Options / addons menu. Easy MEMOry will change the cards after each game. Howewer, in this tour you have only 2 game addons available.

The Options / game options menu is now available. You can freely change the difficulty level, the game style or the size of the game. You can also select a scenario.

You have successfully completed our Easy MEMOry Tour! We hope that our fun, educational software pleases you!

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Features of step 8:

  • Available game addons: Cats (portrait), Animals sounds, Mendeleiev
  • Default settings: 8 pairs of cards, vanish mode enabled, cross ripple animation, all sounds enabled
  • Disabled features: none
  • Toolbar enabled
  • Option menus disabled: none

Loading time: Each time you click on an Easy MEMOry button, data will be loaded (about 15s with 56K modem).

Troubleshouting: If you see a red cross above Buy Easy MEMOry Pro instead of an Easy MEMOry Pro button, make sure that your internet browser is Java enabled.

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Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

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