Easy MEMOry Tour: step 6

Your next challenge is to match card pairs. Don't get ahead of yourself - you're not going to pair identical cards. Your new mission is to pair twin cards that match each other's theme.

In this game, each pair is formed with a picture card and a sound card. You have to pair the photo of an animal with the sound it make.

  • when you create your game addons you can create your own twin cards based on different themes.
  • you can even create a matched set of up to 5 cards.
  • Toolbar is enabled, you could reach easily menu items.

Features of step 6:

  • Available game addons: Animals Sounds (Animals sound cards matched with animal picture cards)
  • Default settings: 8 pairs of twin cards, vanish mode enabled, fading mode, all sounds enabled
  • Disabled features: none
  • Toolbar enabled
  • Option menus disabled: game options, addons

Loading time: Each time you click on an Easy MEMOry button, data will be loaded (about 15s with 56K modem).

Troubleshouting: If you see a red cross above Buy Easy MEMOry Pro instead of an Easy MEMOry Pro button, make sure that your internet browser is Java enabled.

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(Quit all Easy MEMOry Pro windows before jumping to the next step)

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

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