Easy MEMOry Tour: step 5

By this time, you've already dramatically improved your memory and concentration! After all, you've successfully found all the pairs of Cat Portrait cards, and you've also beaten the computer!

Let's make things more interesting, shall we? Now it's time for you to find 3 identical cards instead of just 2.

  • each card plays an associated sound. You can create your own game sets with your own sound for each card.
  • Options / Player menu is now available. You can play against one or more computer players or against your friends or kids. Test the Teacher mode, it adapts to your level, without letting you win every single time!
  • You will see also cards stop blinking! Now there is a smart fading between the picture and the back of the card. All default animations are now available in menu Options / Options. Try its!

Features of step 5:

  • Available game addons: Animals Sounds (Animals: pictures and sound cards)
  • Default settings: 5 groups of 3 identical cards, vanish mode enabled, fading mode, all sounds enabled
  • Disabled features: none
  • Toolbar disabled
  • Option menus disabled: game options, addons

Loading time: Each time you click on an Easy MEMOry button, data will be loaded (about 15s with 56K modem).

Troubleshouting: If you see a red cross above Buy Easy MEMOry Pro instead of an Easy MEMOry Pro button, make sure that your internet browser is Java enabled.

Buy Easy MEMOry Pro!


(Quit all Easy MEMOry Pro windows before jumping to the next step)

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

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