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If you like concentration games, puzzle games or games where you can play with your memory, Easy MEMOry is for you! Here, you can play games online for free. Kids and adults can play free concentration games alone or together.

Easy MEMOry is also a set of free downloadable games (PC, Mac, Linux...).

Easy MEMOry Pro is an improved version, giving you a much broader range of game options of Easy MEMOry. This way to learn more about advanced features and download these concentration games!

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Tip: A red rectangle below 'But now... Click and Play!' and no button like play games online free means Java applet doesn't work in your Internet Browser. Possible reasons are: security parameters too heavy, or Java not installed Check it online and/or download it: download Java

Loading time: The first time you reach this page, the game applet must be loaded (about 200Kb, 50s with 56K modem). Then each time you click on Easy MEMOry button, data will be loaded (about 15s with 56K modem).

Enter the Hall of Fame: It's really easy : Play online, alone with more than 10 cards and without preview mode. Of course you have to beat at least the last player of a board.

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

Easy MEMOry - The Concentration Game

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